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Bad Search Results Helped Relieve My Grief

" ... because you can’t support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion.There’s such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price.” -D Koontz

I’ve spent months researching ways to overcome the loss of my beloved dog, Leo. Yes, I did say ‘researching’. That’s what I do when reaching barriers. I research a topic until friends refuse to hear my ramblings and Searches begin to turn up results I have already examined, cross-referenced, and reexamined. Usually, by that time, I’ve located the needle in the proverbial haystack and resolved the issue. However, most of you know, the loss of a pet, and the deep pain we feel, may never be emotionally resolved. Perhaps that’s the beauty of our human/canine relationships — they remain with us forever.

However, silly as it may seem that I turned to Google Search for advice on finding emotional stability after losing a pet, it did turn up something compelling. Something that has helped me (and my tiny sidekick, Kekko) cope with this void my lovely boxer left behind: dog walking, dog running, dog hikes, dog beach days. Dogs, dogs, dogs! What better way to celebrate the life of my beloved Royal than doing what we loved most — spending silly, fun-filled, engrossing time creating adventures and finding new places to explore?

I found peace of mind through establishing The Doggie Loyalist, a holistic, fully-dog-devoted business. In training, I believe in working with their personality and partnering to understand the perfect symbiotic human/canine combination. In jogging and walking, I search for the most exciting places, paths, and pace for the four-legged partner(s) at my side. In creating half-day adventures, I consider how to make each dog feel wholly happy, cared-for, and excited. I feel best when I return a Royal exactly the way my boy liked coming home: tongue lolling in contentment, smiling in absolute joy, ready for a treat and a nap.

I owe Google a big thank you! for showing me “dog walkers” as a result for my "how best to overcome grief after the loss of a dog" query. Technically, a bad search result; emotionally, just what the vet ordered.

The Doggie Loyalist 🐾

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